"A life changing event."

"The biggest highlight so far in my uke journey."

"The portal to being more complete as a person."

"I never would have imagined I could learn to play at this level in such a short amount of time."

"Exceeded my wildest dreams!"

"A joy and an inspiration."

About the LUE program

In 1981, Peter Luongo embarked on a journey that would enhance the lives of generations of students and redefine the meaning of “youth music program.” He is now leading a program to mirror these very same qualities and offer similar, life-affirming experiences to adult learners, including mature enthusiasts who seek more than the daily routines of their “golden years.”

The Luongo Ukulele Experience is both an ongoing, performing ensemble program and a series of standalone, extended-day, motivational seminars we call MAXIMUM UKULELE™, designed for players, teachers, and enthusiasts who wish to extract maximum enjoyment out of their love for the ukulele.

For over 30 years as the director of the highly acclaimed Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Peter presented a complete music education package which included choral singing, playing melody lines, and the incorporation of harmony in countless live performances. Members of the Luongo Ukulele Experience are now realizing these same thrills, performing for hundreds at major ukulele festivals.

Ukulele PLUS: Beyond Hum & Strum

The full Luongo Ukulele Experience is a year-long, multi-discipline, music performance program for adults that uses the ukulele as it’s main teaching tool. But it is so much more! You will embark on a step-by-step journey of learning with a team of new friends that will transform and accelerate your musical abilities, and perhaps provide a life-changing experience beyond what you ever thought possible – regardless of age!

A life changing event!
Thanks to all involved for putting on a life changing event! I honestly woke up yesterday with more clarity on what an exceptional experience it was for me. The only possible negative is that it will now be difficult to be part of a strum-along where mediocrity is the accepted norm. Peter’s favorite words to my ears: “fix it!”
Kathy T

LUE instructor Peter Luongo not only has decades of experience as a master teacher and leader of the Langley Ensemble, he is also a recognized, accomplished, decorated community leader with executive experience in business and volunteer leadership within his community. He is the ukulele community’s most motivational teacher, as he was a dynamic, inspirational school principal. Through his mentorship, many students have gone on to highly successful careers and leadership roles. His most famous ukulele student, James Hill, is considered one of the greatest uke performers on the planet. Peter has continued to be an inspiration to students both young and old as attested to by one of his last students in this TedX Talk as well as by the LUE testimonials below. Peter could easily be characterized as the “Tony Robbins” of the ukulele.

If you are seeking a life experience that challenges, motivates, and inspires, (while giving you a legitimate reason for owning all those ukuleles,) sign up for the next MAXIMUM UKULELE™, a day long ukulele workshop that will change the way you view the instrument.

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